Need a Survey?

There are many reasons why you may need the services of a Professional Land Surveyor.

  • When you are buying or selling property. There may be questions about Easements and Utilities that will need to be answered before a sale can continue.  Surveyors can create a map of survey to give an accurate depiction of the size of the property and what is on the ground.  It will also help determine what future improvements are feasible.  Often times financial institutions will require an ALTA (American Land Title Association) Survey of the property.  For more information on ALTA’s visit their Website HERE.
  • When you are adding improvements such as buildings, additions or fences.  A survey will help you determine what requirements or restrictions you may need to understand before beginning your project.
  • Verifying property size, acreage and boundary lines.  This could be for tax purposes, mortgage and refinance options or for possible disputes with adjacent land owners
  • Subdividing property.
  • If you believe that someone is encroaching on your property.  A surveyor can verify the boundary line that separates adjacent land owners as well as provide information about easement, mineral and right-of-way issues that could be the cause of any possible encroachment.