Client Login

Wasatch Surveying utilizes SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) for convenient and secure file transfers between our clients and ourselves.  Upon request, we will provide our clients with a secure login and password. This allows us to transfer large file packages as needed without the use of email transfers.  It also gives our clients 24 hours per day access to needed project information.  Please contact your Wasatch Surveying project manager to initiate the process of setting up the SFTP and the instructions on how to use it.  Sending and Receiving data with FTP will require the use of an FTP client such as FileZilla.  You may want to contact your system administrator for instructions on setting up an FTP client on your workstation.


For a “Download only” option for your project data you can use this button to login.  Use the Login and Password provided to you by your Wasatch Surveying Project Manager.  Once connected you will be able to download data uploaded by your Project Manager (to upload files, see the above instructions)